Thursday, 8 August 2013

An Introduction

Hi everyone, Liam here. I'm a 19 (soon to be 20) year old birder/twitcher from Stockport about to go into the second year of my biology degree. After months of deliberation I've decided to finally start blogging as a way of cataloguing my experiences of birding and twitching around the British Isles. I split my time fairly evenly between university in Oxford and the birdless wasteland that is Greater Manchester and as a result the blog will concentrate primarily on my trips birding and twitching around the country. I also aim to give regular updates from my uni patch, Port Meadow, a fantastic site 10 minutes outside Oxford city centre where I spend many a winter's evening gulling to my heart's content.

I've been birding on and off since 2003 but my current fervour for the hobby was kickstarted by a week on Scilly in October 2011. Seeing the likes of Northern Waterthrush, Wilson's Snipe and Upland Sandpiper whetted my appetite for rarities and I've been twitching and listing more seriously ever since. Having said that I make the effort to visit Port Meadow at least a couple of times a week in term time and have amassed a decent patch list of 105 over my first year including self-found Glaucous and Caspian Gulls.

I'll take the opportunity now to apologise for the poor quality of any pictures I post on here. The realities of twitching on a student budget means I have nothing left for a decent camera although I do take the odd phonescoped picture which is usually of dire quality. Despite this fact I aim to provide interest and occasionally some entertainment as I recount my birding exploits on here. Trip report of my recent 2 day excursion to Norfolk to follow soon.

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